Using Light to Create Stronger Photographs at Home

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with how many buttons our camera has that we forget that creating a photograph is actually very simple, and it all comes down to one thing, USING LIGHT.
The first ever photograph wasn’t taken using fancy lenses and gadgets, it was simply a box, that let in light, through a tiny hole.

So, if we are not talking about what camera you are using (and what it specifically can do) we are talking about how to use the light around us to create a photograph, and that in itself can create stronger photographs.


1: For the sake of this task, set your camera to Auto or whatever you are comfortable using and pick an object (or willing model) to test out the different natural light available around your house.

2: Look through the photos below (all taken inside, next to a window on an overcast day) and try to take photos using light from the same direction (front, side etc).

3: See what effect the light has on your subject and what look you like best, try different windows around the house, you may be surprised how some have a lot more light.

4: Share your photos with us on InstagramTwitter & Facebook!

Photo Number One: Lit from the front, creating quite a flat and even photograph.


Photo Number Two: Taken with the light to the side, creating shadows, highlights and more depth.


Photo Number Three: To even out the shadows, I added a reflector (you can use anything large and white).
It has lifted the darker areas and balanced out the overall effect.


Photo Number Four: Lit from behind, creating the most striking effect, highlighting and softening the petals whilst dramatising the sharp shapes of the leaves.


You can create all of these effects with any camera or phone at home. With just a little thought you can change the look of your photographs drastically.

All photos were shot using the same background, so you can see the difference the light makes there too!

So, I hope that helps you use your camera a little better this week! Share your photos with us on InstagramTwitter & Facebook.