How I’m going to Make Life More ‘Real’ this Year

In the last few months of 2016 (especially since my 8 month old son started studying everything I do) I found myself craving more ‘real’ things in my day to day life. When I sat down to think about the new year ahead, it’s clear that family and work will be my main focus, so for 2017 I will be teaching my son (whilst reteaching myself) how to be inspired by the tangible world around us.

Here is how I plan to keep myself on track:

Take Breaks from the Internet

At the beginning of the year I considered removing myself from social media completely, finding that I often become uninspired and mindless with it. After a serious planning session I realised that all platforms are helpful for my business in their own way and help me keep track of whats going on in the worlds I am interested in. So instead, I am making sure I have time off every week, to let my mind rest (where inspiration really comes from for me) and to make sure my little boy doesn’t think that being social/working means staring at a screen all day.

Go Outside More

Since having a baby I have spent much more time outside in my every day activities, if not only to get out of the house to relieve cabin fever however I have found going for a walk every day refreshing and a great way to clear my mind! I don’t work well in the afternoon so this has become a great time to wrap up with my little boy and spend time together strolling in the sunshine (or clouds!). I took the above photos on a walk around Oare Gunpowder Works at the beginning of the year.

Read Books and GOOD Magazines

One of my favourite Christmas presents was a subscription to the British Journal of Photography magazine. I forgot how good it is to see great and truly inspiring photography in print. This encouraged the decision to scroll less through websites and instead be inspired by ‘less pictures’ with ‘more quality’! Also I’m going to head to the library to see what books I can order from there (another future post)!

Using my Film Cameras (Taking More Photos)

I LOVE film photography, it is what I learnt at school and University and recently it has lost its place in my work and hobby, and I hate that. So this year is the year of film for me and you will be seeing a lot more of it on here too! It may take more time but I think thats the point, to be intentional about what I photograph and put thought into my work.

So thats just a few things that I hope will help keep my year more ‘real’. Lets see how we go!