Beginners Photography Course


Day: Wednesday or Thursday (Mornings or Evenings) + one Saturday
Time: 18:30 – 20:30 (Day/Eve), 10:00 – 14:00 (Sat)
Level: Beginner
Location: Creek Creative Art Studios, Faversham, Kent
Max Group Size: 8
Refreshments: Drinks Provided

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About the Beginners Photography Course

If you always use your camera on ‘auto’ and want to push yourself to start controlling your camera and creating beautiful and strong images, then this beginners photography course will be the best first step.

The Beginners Photography Course (four Evenings and a Saturday Morning Location Walk) covers all the technical and creative basics you will need to start confidently using your camera on manual. As the course progresses, you will receive tips and advice on creating visually strong photos.

Taught from a new creative venue the centre Faversham (see above for location details); each week, time will be spent inside and/or outside, giving you a great opportunity to spend time photographing in an inspiring location.

There will be a project running throughout the duration to give you focus and direction as you learn your new skills with a like minded group in a relaxed and fun environment.

The course runs over 4 Evenings in Faversham Town Centre (at Creek Creative) with the last session running on a Saturday Morning where we will walk and photograph somewhere close by (i.e: Oare Marshes or a Local Garden).

Beginners Photography Course Key Study Topics: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Field of View, Depth of Field, Focal Length, Composition, Using Light.


This course is designed to start you confidently using your camera on Manual. It will give you a solid understanding of how ANY camera works and how to best use the fundamental settings to start creating strong photographs. Theory and a lot of practice!


SESSION ONE // ISO, White Balance & Image Quality
SESSION TWO // Aperture & Focusing Modes
SESSION THREE // Shutter Speed & Shooting Modes
SESSION FOUR // Manual Practice & Focal Length
SESSION FIVE // Manual Practice & Composition (Location Walk)


By the end of the course you will be able to…

  • Demonstrate the use of ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed and explain the physical effect they have on the camera and the creative effect they have on the photograph.
  • Prioritise one of the three exposure settings in order to produce a particular creative outcome for your photograph.
  • Demonstrate the use of a number of other camera controls that help with the ease of camera use.

Practical Information & Equipment

  • DSLR Camera You must have a camera that has these settings (S or Tv, A or Av, P, M). If you are unsure then please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you. Please make sure your memory card is clear and battery charged.
  • Spare Battery & or Charger [if you have one]
  • Tripod [Tripods will be provided however if you have one you would like to use then you are welcome to bring it with you]
  • Dress for the Weather: We will be spending some of the course time outside so please dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear [esp on the winter courses].
  • Access and Activity: The course is held on ground level with full access, we will be walking around the town so you will need to be comfortable standing/walking for around 1 hour each week and for longer on the last Saturday session.
  • Refreshments: Water will be provided but if you wish to bring any other snacks or drinks then please feel free.

Once you have Booked the Beginners Photography Course

Once you have booked the beginners photography course online, you will receive an email from me confirming your place/s on the course as well as a full run down of the course, week by week. I will also be in touch to ask you a few questions to determine what you want to learn on the course so that you gain as much from the time on the course as possible.

All courses are non-refundable or transferrable (unless the course is cancelled). All courses are based on minimum booking numbers, we reserve the right to cancel the course with due notice if the minimum booking is not met.

Got a Question?

If you have any questions about the course or payment then please feel free to contact me by emailing
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