Photography Tips for Grey Days

Let’s face it, we have a lot of grey days here in the UK. If we didn’t go out to make photographs on days when the weather was a little inclement then our cameras wouldn’t be out nearly enough. Here is how to make the most of a horrible overcast day if you are photographing landscapes. I will be writing a post about overcast portrait photography at a later date so watch this space.

1. LOOK FOR TEXTURES: In the absence of harsh and direct light, textures and tones can start to show more clearly in photographs. They become softer but somehow more powerful without strong shadows and bright spots thrown in to the mix.

2. USE THE MOODY ATMOSPHERE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: The feel of a photograph taken on an overcast day can be very powerful and make, what would be a pretty photo on a sunny day, seem thoughtful and interesting.

3. LOOK AT COLOURS: Subtle colours start to become stronger and vibrant when not overpowered by a bright blue sky and glaring sunshine, really look at the colours that come out of natural objects in the softer clouded light.

4. PICK OUT INDIVDUAL OBJECTS: When the sky and background fade, this gives you a great opportunity to select a strong single subject for your photo, it will stand out against the bland background and cause the viewer to focus on the central object.