Knowing WHY you want to Learn Your Camera…

With anything, having a reason for ‘WHY’ you want to do something or knowing ‘WHY’ you enjoy it is a huge driver of success and pleasure in life. We learn to choose what we really want to do when we ask ‘WHY’, keeping us on track to achieve our goals and separating them out from the things that needlessly take our time and efforts. Where this might seem quite deep and thoughtful for a Photography Course, knowing WHY you want to use your camera fully and learn how it works will really help you stay on track whether you are taking part in an online course or one of the Love Your Camera group courses in Kent. If you want to spend a bit of time thinking about the ‘WHY’, then using some of these points as a guide should help (take time to work through them – maybe with a cup of tea or a glass of wine):

Why do I want to Control My Camera on Manual?

It could be to take better photos for a business venture, a hobby or to find more satisfaction in taking photos of your family to display on the wall at home. Be as specific as you can so that you can use this as your motivation if you find yourself struggling at any point.

This is ultimately the main question and the one that will help keep you focused (no pun intended) during the course but it is worth thinking about a few more aspects around the ‘WHY’ if you want to strengthen your goal, the following points will help this:

Why do I Enjoy Photography?

So many of us enjoy photography but we don’t often think about what it is that we personally enjoy about it. For some its capturing a moment in history, documenting a story, for others it is sharing beauty and capturing a lifestyle and for most of us capturing images of those we love is so enjoyable. What ever the reason you enjoy it, its helpful to think about it on a personal level, more than just ‘I enjoy taking photos’.

What do I find Satisfying about Capturing a Great Photograph?

There is most likely times you have caught a photograph ‘just right’, whether a great composition or the perfect timing. Look at or picture those photos and think why it was so satisfying to capture that shot, did it tell a story or was it just so beautiful you kept looking at it? Did you rush to share it with others so they could enjoy the imagery or was it something special just for you. What ever the reason, remembering how it feels to create a great photograph will keep you motivated to do it again, and again!

When & Where do I want to use my New Camera Skills?

This is a good question to ask as it will give you a physical place in mind, it would be great to go and practice at this place during the course so you can really get an individual experience.

These few points are just to help you get started, as you think about them, keep returning to the ‘WHY’. WHY do I want to learn how to Control my Camera?

I really love it when people gain camera confidence from the Love Your Camera courses (thats why I teach photography!) and, in my experience, those who know WHY they are doing it come out of the courses feeling fulfilled and more focused to move ahead with their camera and photography skills. If you are about to take part in an LYC course then take a bit of time to work out your ‘WHY’ and start the course with a clear and defined objective.

So I hope that’s helpful at getting you prepared for learning your camera and I hope you thoroughly enjoy whichever course you are taking part in. If you would like to know more about the Love Your Camera Photography Courses then you can find full details on the Courses & Workshops Page.