What is an Instameet?

An Instameet is a creative meet-up arranged by someone or a group of people on Instagram (in this case, myself (@love_yourcamera) and Lucy (@tiredfromwhitstable). We decided to start hosting these meet ups as a way of getting to know more people around Kent and make connections with others that may work for themselves or just be looking for a creative way to spend a morning! As well as all the great people we meet, we get to visit more of the beautiful towns & cities we have nearby!


Who can Participate?

Anyone! These meet-ups are purely for making time to be creative, take photos and getting to know other people around Kent. You don’t have to have a business, a certain type of account or even have an account at all, Instagram is simply how we choose to promote the meet ups, as for us, it’s the most creative social media platform.


Why are they usually on a Friday?

We choose to host these meet-ups on a Friday as it tends to be the best day for people to participate, weekends just get too bust with plans and families (we both have families too), and the end of the week is often easier to arrange time off work.


Do You Visit Local Attractions?

We have visited just towns and local shops so far but will be looking to get involved with local attractions in the future, so if you know anywhere that may like to welcome a lovely bunch of photo takers, let us know!


If you have any questions about the instameets, or want us to bring a group to your venue/business or town then please feel free to contact Myself or Lucy. We would be more than happy to help and would love to work with you! Below is a selection of photos from our past meet-ups!


When is the next Instameet?

The next Instameet will be shared on our Instagram Feeds & Stories so come follow us @love_yourcamera and @tiredfromwhitstable to find out what’s going on!