Improve Your Photography by Practicing these Good Composition Habits…

Mastering composition can help improve your photography very quickly. Whatever camera you have, spend some time to change your thought processes when it comes to framing your subject. You can very easily improve the results you are achieving by getting into some good composition habits.


Before you shoot, think about what format you want your photograph in, be it landscape, portrait or square etc. Look at the whole scene, what do you want to include and what you want to leave out. If you are unsure and have time, then you can shoot more than one format and choose your preferred image later.


Viewpoint is the strongest way to control composition. Moving left, right, up or down will change the effect of background objects on your main subject. Moving forward and backwards changes perspective. A small change in viewpoint can make a good photo become a great one.


Anything you place infront of, behind or around your subject can act to enhance or distract from it. Always look around to see what is affecting the result you are trying to achieve. Simple objects make great frames – windows, doorways, trees. Just make sure it adds character and interest. Frames can be in front or behind your subject, in focus or out of focus.


Wonky horizons look messy and it’s a VERY easy fix that will vastly improve your photo. A great photograph can be ruined by a tilted horizon.

Rule of Thirds

Finally, one you may have heard before is the rule of thirds. Composition is usually improved if the main subject is placed just off centre. Imagine your photo divided into thirds by lines horizontally and vertically and place your subject over the one of these lines.

So these should help you get started with improving and experimenting with composition. They are just a starting point, not hard and fast rules, so don’t overthink it and be creative! Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

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