Making the Most of the Light for Garden Photography

When you are photographing in the garden (or anywhere outside) it is so important to think about the time of day and the light available for the photographs you are taking. Whether you have sunlight or shade will affect what your final photos look like and also affect what type of photos you can take…

This first set of pictures I took in the afternoon, it is the perfect time to take photographs down the side of my little courtyard garden when I want a chance to really see the colour and form of the plants and flowers I am photographing. This light can be a little blue so that is something to be aware of when working in the shade.

I worked with my DSLR, Lens: 50mm, Aperture: f2.8, Shutter Speed: 80, ISO: 100.

I then took this second set of photos this morning, getting a chance to make the most of the sunlight streaming through petals, highlighting textures and casting fantastic shaped shadows. I never would have been able to get photos like this in the shade but on the other hand, direct sunlight isn’t great for photographing form and colour so its always best to know what you are wanting to achieve before you set out at the wrong time of day!

This is why I love garden photography and could spend hours photographing outside; if you look closely you will always find something amazing to photograph, whatever the weather, just know what you want and what the lighting situation will achieve.

I worked with my DSLR, Lens: 50mm, Aperture: f2.8, Shutter Speed: 2000, ISO: 100.