5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Photography

People often say to me that they wish they could be better at photography but they don’t have time, so if this is the case for you then, here are five easy tips to improve your photography…

1. Take Your Camera Everywhere

Having your camera on you is step one to taking better photos, you can start to photograph things you may have missed if you just left it at home and you can challenge yourself to photograph new things when you see them. If you CAN’T keep your camera on you then practice composition and creative techniques on your phone camera. Most smart phones have a good enough camera for you to practice creative skills. Just don’t rely on this as your only source of taking photographs.

If you often hear yourself saying ‘I can’t be bothered to carry my camera today’ then you should probably read how to Improve Your Photography by Stopping Bad Camera Habits...

2. Capture the Details Too…

Sometimes a story or a memory is hidden in the detail. Look closely and pick out parts of the scene that might create a more interesting shot than the whole scene itself. When I’m on holiday I love to look the opposite way than all the tourists to see what no one is taking a photo of, often you see interesting things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. I need to try that tip when photographing at home too!

3. Don’t Hesitate

If you think it might be a good photograph, then snap it. You never know what you might end up with. Even if you don’t get it that time, you will learn to get faster and see more opportunities in the future. Using your camera on auto is preferable to not using it at all!

4. Think about the Composition as you Look Through the Lens

The more work you can do in the camera, the less you will need to do on the computer and the better your photos will be! The best way to improve your photography skills is to learn to create through the lens and compose exactly how you want your final print to look when you take it. Don’t always rely on editing afterwards; you may end up having to crop something out that you wanted in the frame.

5. Be Inspired Don’t Copy…

There are many great photographers out there and it is fine to be inspired by a person or particular style but be careful not to just copy others, you will develop your own style over time so just photograph the way you enjoy to, your skills and style will grow naturally. If you aren’t sure what your photographic style is then have a read of this post… What’s Your Photographic Style?

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