How to Have a Creative Photography Walk

Many of us love to take a photography walk when we have the time, however we sometimes struggle for interesting subjects to photograph and often don’t even look at what we have captured when we get home. Here are 5 tips for getting more creative with your photography and making the most of your time out and about with your camera…

Pick some ‘Visual Inspiration’ Words…

Before you head out on a photography walk with your camera, sit down with a cup of coffee and choose a selection of everyday words that will inspire you to see more creatively. This will help open your eyes to so many more things and ways to photograph.

Here are a few ideas to get your started…

  • Shape
  • Light
  • Letters
  • Colour (or one single colour)
  • Black and White
  • Pattern
  • Up
  • Through
  • Faces

By doing this, you may even find that you start a few ongoing projects that will make up an interesting series of images as you continue to photograph along a them.

Here are some Photos I Took Using the Visual Inspiration Word ‘Light’…

Take Your Time

Being intentional with your photography is one of the best ways to start getting better and more creative results from your efforts. When you head out with your camera, walk slowly, stand still, sit down and LOOK EVERYWHERE. Choose different angles and viewpoints and you will be amazed at how much you find to photograph. When we rush we miss out on so many opportunities. Taking it slow is especially vital if you are hoping to catch some street portraits. Knowing what shot you want to capture and waiting for it to happen. Set up your camera ready, and wait.

Go Out at a Different Time of Day

This is a great tip if you are going to walk somewhere you go all the time, whether at home or in your home town. Going out to photograph at an unusual time of day (to when you are usually passing through a particular space) will make it look totally different, especially if the weather is different too. This will help you to see photographic opportunities that may not even be there at other times of day.

Use a Fixed 50mm Lens

If you don’t have one then I would definitely recommend investing in a fixed 50mm lens. As well as being smaller and lighter than a zoom lens, it will challenge you to move around more and really think about composing your shot. You will also gain an increased aperture range which will allow you to play with a much smaller depth of field. If you can’t afford a new lens then set the camera to around 50mm on your zoom lens and keep it there for the duration of the walk.

Make time to Edit on the Same Day

So, you have had a great time out photographing some new and interesting subjects. However, when you are done the camera goes back in the bag and you forget about all the imagery you have just created. Instead, make time in the same day (or the next day) to download your photographs, sort through them, edit and share the ones you are particularly happy with. Don’t just forget about them and the effort you put in to getting some lovely shots. Be intentional with your photography.

I hope that helps you when you are out and about being creative! Thank you for reading!

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