Creating Toy Animal Safari Photographs

Creating Toy Animal Safari Photographs

LEVEL - Intermediate

Whilst this is a simple project, you will need to use your camera on manual and have knowledge of your exposure basics in order to create the desired effect.

During lockdown we were all needing to keep ourselves amused, and for us that meant finding new ways to be creative. One thing we really enjoyed doing was creating safari style photographs using the animals from the children’s toy box.

This is a really easy and fun way to get the children (and adults) outside and thinking creatively. Here’s how we created our photographs…

HOW TO Create your Toy Safari Photographs

You Will Need:

Animal Toys (Dinosaurs are great too!)

Camera (the only real requirements are that it can zoom in and focus up close)


Getting Started

The best time of day is usually Morning or Evening; when the light is lower in the sky. Ideally you want speckled light patches big enough to illuminate your toy animals, but not the background so much. This will help create the illusion of reality in your image.

Mode: Manual
Aperture: Use the smallest f number available on your lens (ideally under 4)
Shutter Speed: at least 1/125 (higher if you are using a larger zoom lens)
ISO: start at 100 and increase if too dark

Choose an animal and pick some foliage or a space that looks like the habitat in which your animal would live. Preferably in a little spot of light; if you can find some.

We found that placing our animals behind some foliage allowed us to create a more realistic effect.

Play around to get your camera level with your animal and zoomed in as much as needed to remove any unwanted background. Choose an angle that creates a realistic effect. Start with the camera settings above and tweak as needed.

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