Changing Exposure Settings: Printout

Changing Exposure Settings

Getting comfortable with changing exposure settings will put you in a great position to improve your photography and camera skills. When it comes to controlling your camera on manual, the best place to start is by learning what buttons and controls to use to change your ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed.

Exposure Settings Printout


Sit down with a cup of tea (or drink of choice) and get to know your camera.

Using this printout is a great way to create a quick reference sheet in a language best for you. Whether you prefer diagrams of the buttons or a list of directions. Getting to know your controls is a great way to become quicker and more confident with your camera. After a while you won’t even need a sheet!

Tip: Get a highlighter and your camera manual and mark the useful bits as you go, this makes looking back easier and you will soon realise that you understand more than you think! You can usually printout the camera manual from the manufacturers website.