9 Ways to Improve your Indoor Flower Photography

I am asked to teach people how to photograph flowers indoors more and more these days. Many people I teach, work with flowers in some way and want to improve the imagery they create for their business. Capturing the colours and emotions of petals and bouquets is always satisfying, even if flowers aren’t part of your […]

Starting with Street Photography

Street photography can be a really great way to become more confident with your camera. Challenging yourself to photograph in a new, changing and unknown situation. Catching people as they go about their daily routines can offer some great opportunities to create very interesting and striking imagery, so go on, challenge yourself and see what […]

How to Have a Creative Photography Walk

Many of us love to take a photography walk when we have the time, however we sometimes struggle for interesting subjects to photograph and often don’t even look at what we have captured when we get home. Here are 5 tips for getting more creative with your photography and making the most of your time […]

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Photography

People often say to me that they wish they could be better at photography but they don’t have time, so if this is the case for you then, here are five easy tips to improve your photography… 1. Take Your Camera Everywhere Having your camera on you is step one to taking better photos, you […]

How to Set Up a Home Photography Studio for Still Life

I have the pleasure of knowing and working with a lot of creative people. Those who have their own businesses creating, making and teaching a whole host of beautiful crafts, everything from floristry to jewellery making. For many creatives (especially those who sell their pieces), having a home photography studio is invaluable. Being able to […]

Photographing the Seasons: Autumn

We can often think, now that summer has gone, it’s time for the camera to go away too, but Autumn offers some great photographic opportunities so don’t swith your camera off just yet! Here are a few Autumn photography tips to get you started this season… Texture & Pattern Textures and Patterns are in abundance […]

What’s Your Photographic Style?

Identifying a photographic style you relate to most, can be very helpful when developing your camera skills. This can help you see why you are attracted to a particular subject and how to enhance your study in that area. It’s about finding what inspires you rather than pigeon holing yourself. When you don’t worry what others […]

Using Light to Create Stronger Photographs at Home

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with how many buttons our camera has that we forget that creating a photograph is actually very simple, and it all comes down to one thing, USING LIGHT. The first ever photograph wasn’t taken using fancy lenses and gadgets, it was simply a box, that let in light, through a tiny […]

Creating a Blurred Background in a Close Up Portrait

How can I create portraiture with the background ‘all blurry’? This is a question that I always get asked by my friends and it’s something that is really easy to achieve; it is controlled by only one thing – Aperture. Have a quick read of my What is Aperture? post if you need to remind yourself of the […]

Photography Tips for Grey Days

Let’s face it, we have a lot of grey days here in the UK. If we didn’t go out to make photographs on days when the weather was a little inclement then our cameras wouldn’t be out nearly enough. Here is how to make the most of a horrible overcast day if you are photographing […]

Playing with Bokeh

Bokeh: the blur in the out-of-focus areas of an image produced by the lens. Each lens will produce a different ‘blur’ shape and it is to do with the shape of the shutter hole that that the light has to travel through, you will be able to see this most clearly in light sources such […]