About LYC

I say “all about us” like we are a huge team here, but in truth it’s just me at the moment! But the vision is to have a team of photographers to teach and host a huge range of fantastic workshops and training sessions, so watch this space, and message me if you want to get involved! Here’s the story so far…


“I truly love to see people come alive with their camera, those lightbulb moments when people realise their cameras aren’t actually that scary, is the reason I teach.”


At LYC we believe that slow and intentional photography is good for the mind and soul. Slowing down and noticing whats around you, is a worthwhile skill to gain. Teamed with the amazing things that your camera effortlessly creates with light is a match made in heaven.


All of our photography workshops, courses and events are designed to inspire you to slow down with your camera and learn new skills that you will enjoy in every area of your everyday life.


We also want to create a community that just gets out and about with each other, sharing time to be creative and connect with things we truly enjoy, out in the real world.


Love Your Camera was launched by me, Karen Louise George, in 2016 when I started hosting photography walks around the Kent countryside. Now, with other amazing photographers getting involved, I am growing the variety of workshops on offer, and I am really excited about everything we have coming up for the year ahead (global pandemic permitting of course!).

Our Hosts & Tutors

Owner, Tutor & Host
Karen Louise George

Karen launched Love Your Camera in 2016 and now hosts all of the LYC workshops alongside other brilliant local photographers around Kent & London.

Workshop Tutor
Emily Rose Parris

Emily Rose Parris runs the Darkroom at Beach Creative in Herne Bay, Kent. Emily will be bringing the cyanotype process to life on the Spring Photography Morning & Summer Photography Evening.

Workshop Tutor
Sheradon Dublin

Sheradon is a Commercial Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer based in London & Kent. He will be sharing his skills with us in our NEW Creative Portraiture Workshops.



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